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10 Tips to Write Catchy Blog Titles To Attract The Visitors

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Every day a new blogger is entering into the online world to explore his/her blogging idea globally. If you observed the stats, you will get to know that most of them are out from the race, just because they were not aware of tips and tricks of blogging. There are many issues that bloggers usually face during the initial stage of his/her blogging career. One of the most common issues that blogger faces is the selection of article title or you can say they are not aware of what to write and how to write?  This is the serious issue because it will decide the life of your blogging career. Are you a blogger and looking to attract more visitors to your website or blog? Check this post to know how you can write the catchy titles to attract more visitors.

1# Know Your Visitors

While selecting the title it is equally important to know your target audience. Always keep in mind that you are writing for the users, not for the machines. Your audience will decide your blog life and success. They are everything for your blogging future. If you are a newbie, you are the only one to decide who will read your content and how. Research the keywords that are ranking high in the search engine and try to include them in your title. Use the Google keyword planner or Google analytics to identify the keywords.

2# Include “List” Headline

The search engine gives more priority to those articles which are written long and consists of the huge list. These lists can be 10, 20, 50 or more and it is 100% guarantee that it will bring huge traffic to the blog or particular article. In short, you can start writing a long article consist of the maximum word count.

 Example:- 29 Ways To Stop Sending Spam Emails

3# Focus Your Niche

This is the main factor that you need to understand while entering into the blogging sector. The more you are clear about your niche, the more you will get closer to your audience and success as well.  For example, if you are starting a food niche blog, you can’t cover the topics related to Bollywood or Fashion niche. This may create the confusion to the users and search engines. Instead of that, you can target food-related topics like how to prepare a dosa and more.

4# Create Curiosity

The audience will always look for the recent updates; therefore they get more attracted towards the source that offers informative knowledge. If you are including those keywords or exclusive information in your title, the user will get attracted to your article. Moreover, if your field doesn’t offer exclusive then research the most searched topics in your field and start targeting those topics or keywords in your title. In short, try to generate curiosity in your title.

5# Try To Connect Emotionally

One of the most effective methods of connecting to the audience is to communicate emotionally. Sometimes it happens the user gets connected when you make emotional appeal. After all, we’re humans and we’re all softies. This will surely generate more clicks and the best output as well.

6# Offer a Quiz

If you want to connect with your audiences then offer them a quiz. Imagine what you will like as an audience and communicate accordingly. However, offering quizzes and entertaining post is the best way to get the engagement. Always try to write in two-way communication and ask the readers to guess something. This will surely get more clicks to the post. Using such words like “can we guess” or can you answer this is the best way to motivate the users to answer the post.

7# Provide Expert Advice

We all know that the internet is a giant and it is full of the information. On the other hand, it is true that we don’t read all the available information on the internet until we find it is necessary to read. In such cases, recommending the expert information is a great way to offer your readers a sense of quality and dependability. In short, you hold your audience using the expert’s name.

8# Share The Tips

The tips and tricks types of article are the most read and searched types of article. The users don’t look for the best but also look for the dos and don’ts. As I said before, including the expert opinion is the best way to attract the user similarly giving the expert advice will let your audience know how to overcome the pitfalls.

9# Be Updated

Being a blogger, it is your responsibility to write updated information. If you are covering updated topics then you are surely going to get maximum clicks.

10# Utilize Practical Content Tools

You can use content tools such as EpicBeat, Trendsmap and Buzzsumo to recognize the trending blogs on the Google. However, these are the free tools that offer the great content discovery. These tools will help you to know the various kinds of sources to search for the best and relevant blogs as per your niche.


I have tried to cover all essential pointers that can help you to select the topics accordingly. Then what are you waiting for? Go and start writing the topics as per the niche and take your blogging to the next level in the search engine.