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What are the benefits of blogging?

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Have you ever dreamt to start your own blog? Then what are you waiting for? Days are gone when people use to struggle a lot to design a website or blog. Now CMS has opened the door for the bloggers by allowing them to set up a blog instantly within a short period of time. However, blogging doesn’t need any degree for starting a blog. It only needs a writing skill and knowledge of the targeted audience. However, if you successfully maintain the blog then it can yield fruitful results to you. Now you will ask what are those successful results, right? Then read further to know the benefits of blogging and how you can earn the best from it.

  • Established yourself as an Expert in your field:

As I said before many bloggers are entering into blogging and this has created a tough competition. If you think, just by starting your own blog or website you will get a respect then my friend you are wrong. The reason behind that is anyone can start a blog in their respected niche but maintaining the same for a long time is a tough job. But when you start posting the articles on your blog on a regular basis then your ordinary blog will turn into a superior demonstration of your knowledge in your niche. This will give a clear idea to the visitors that you have experience and your blog is the best source to get a solution in a respected niche.

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  • Build a network:

An ultimate goal of any business is to create the best network in their niche. Similarly, starting a blogging journey also assures to expand your network. If you highlight the topics that are trending in your industry,  this will motivate your visitors to give feedback or comment on your website or blog. However, blogging is the best source for reaching out to others.

  • Become a better writer:

If you are entering into blogging then it is assumed that you are entering into full time writing job or profession. You must have heard the famous quote “Practice makes man perfect”, the same you have to implement here by writing the pages and pages daily. This is what you have performed to become an active blogger or writer.

  • Get instant feedback:

As a blogger, whatever you write that will influence your audience, right? Moreover, if you highlight trending topics then this is an icing on the cake. By doing this, there are the chances that you will get an instant response on your article, therefore, it is suggested to keep comment feature enable on your blog.

  • Express yourself and your passions:

Being a blogger, you should always aim to express yourself and your passion. There are “n” numbers of blogs available online with an aim to serve people. For example, cooking, photography, thoughts, quotes, gaming, health, beauty, fashion, marketing, etc. Blogging gives you the opportunity to follow your niche and spread awareness with like-minded people who share the same passion.

  • Build an online portfolio:

Blogging is the best platform for author and freelance writer to develop an online portfolio. As I said before, CMS is giving the opportunity to the writers to explore their writing skills. Blogging is the best platform that gives global exposure and you can grow your network as well.

  • Learn in-demand skills:

Nowadays, starting a blog has become easy because of CMS like WordPress. Even though you are a newbie, you will learn a lot while setting up a blog, you don’t need to hire a web designer or developer to design your blog. Moreover, you can check videos to learn techniques to set up a blog or any other techniques depending on your requirement. There are various platforms available online that guide accordingly and by following that steps you can solve your query.

  • Improve your SEO:

If you are targeting search engine then it is suggested to write fresh, in-depth and valuable articles, so that search engine will deliver the best results to their end users. By doing this, the search engine will notice your high-quality blog post and will take it to the top in the search results. This will increase the traffic of your blog and rankings as well. However, you will become an expert for implementing the SEO techniques.

  • Collect Emails:

Nowadays, social media is one of the popular mediums that helps to connect with the large audience. On another side, email is also the most used communication medium in professional and personal life. Likewise in blogging getting, a large number of email subscribers is a crucial factor. But getting a primary email address of the user is one of the tough jobs that blogger has to deal with. This is only possible when you get a great amount of traffic on your blog. To increase the traffic, you have to write trending and most searched topics on your blog. Once you start getting an email address, you can connect with them directly to inform something important about your blog.

  • Develop trust online:

Developing trust is one of the imperative elements in online business. You can’t purchase the trust, right? You have to earn it by doing hard work and giving your best all the time. Just by posting an article on a regular interval, you can earn the trust of your visitors.


Ah!! Finally, I end here and I hope that you will find this information worth to know the benefits of blogging. If you are a newbie and planning to start a blog then it is suggested to research and select a proper niche in which you will deliver your best to the audience and search engine as well.