{4 Must Try } : When Organic Traffic Of Website Drops In 2021

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If you are a website owner, then even you could have the habit of checking website statistics daily.

Even a slight drop in visitors can make you worried about it.

Then the whole analytical checking and thinking start.

After all, the traffic to the website is considered as one of the ROIs factors. 

Now, there are two types of traffic sources that come to your website.

1. Organic traffic 

Visitors coming to a website naturally.

2. Non-organic (Paid) Traffic

Visitors coming to a website through paid advertisements.

That means visitors from organic traffic comes to a website through search engine’s organic results.

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Importance of Organic Traffic:

  • It provides real human traffic –

Sometimes, in paid traffic, some hackers get the links from the automated machines. Even in PPC, people use software that increases their clicks and thus they can earn more. 

But in organic traffic, only people that are interested in your website will come to it. It doesn’t have any conversion rate criteria and thus, organic SEO is helpful to get real human traffic.

  • It provides permanent ranking –

The number of visitors landing on your website from the paid ads will dry up if there is no consistency in the ads. And if your competitors are doing heavy paid marketing, then the chances are you may also lose a potential audience to them.

But, visitors coming organically, tends to stay for a longer time with you as they enjoy how to work. This gets difficult for competitors to grab the attention of such an audience. It means such organic traffic provides a permanent ranking to your website.

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  • It provides better SEO result –

Organic traffic tells search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing that people like the information provided on your website. Search engines like such websites as they find it reliable for the users. That means the SEO of these websites is on point. On the basis of reliability organic traffic helps in the ranking website at higher positions. 

Nowadays, it gets difficult to catch the audience’s attention by depending solely on any one source. Hence, mostly we use both ways to get visitors to a website. 

The reason for the decline in visitors that comes through Paid ads is very common. That the ad must have stopped running or the ad is not up to the mark.

But, organic growth and visitors are more important.

This is because these visitors have come to you, due to their genuine interest, and losing such an audience could be a huge loss.

Thus, monitoring organic traffic is very important for website owners.

In the article, we will see ways to revise a website when organic traffic drops.

But, when should you revise the website?

Generally, it is considered that the organic traffic numbers should grow at least 10% every year.

If the traffic remains stagnant or drops down then it’s time to act on it.

Implying on the right strategies will help you to grow the website traffic.

Let’s deep dive into 4 ways that you can use to grow organic traffic on your website.

  • Build more external links

When someone points your website from their link, this tells the search engine that you share some useful information that is liked by many people. These links coming to your website are known as Inbound links which makes up nearly 28% of the ranking factor for the organic search results.

To get more external links, you can pitch to other blogs and share the content idea with them in exchange for the outbound links. Getting links from blogs with similar audience interests will eventually increase the website’s ranking. You can also approach blogs that accept guest posting, where you can hyperlink keywords to your website. This gives you the chance to increase the credibility of a website.

  • Search for new keywords opportunities 

You need to update the content on a website with new keywords. For example, in this pandemic, COVID 19 keyword has got a great opportunity and it can take your content up in a short period. 

The pandemic has increased searches for keywords like how to do a haircut at home, how can I bake bread at home, home exercises to stay fit, etc. in Google.

While, these searches may not be fully relevant to your website content, but you can make use of them while writing a blog. There is always a way to optimize content with the new keywords, you just need to identify the scope and implement it.

To find keywords, you can seek help from keyword research tools like Ahrefs and Ubersuggest and search for keywords having more than 100 hits per month.

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  • Give Social Media a Try

Many businesses don’t make use of social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Even though the use of social media has grown by 10% in 2020 and is always going to grow in the future.

Thus, missing on social media platforms for business can be a loss of opportunity.

Study your competitors, how they are performing and whom they are targeting on social media platforms. Initially, go with their tactics, watch the results and try new things. 

Most the people spend time on social media to watch the video, to do shopping or to play video games. Then, you can grab this chance by posting a small video about your product and service. This will help in engaging with an audience and making them stick with you.

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  • Podcasts are now in trends

The podcast is a content medium where you can reach to a large number of people in one go. You can record your lectures or any information that you wish to deliver to your audience and do streaming. It can be a live or recorded stream that delivers value to your audience. From 2019, the overall podcast listener has risen by 29%. People like to niche down their podcasts stream for education and entertainment purposes. 

This is the best way to build awareness among a huge audience and gather people organically on your website. 

You can also collaborate with already established podcast accounts and pitch them with your offering. They will then further help you to create your brand awareness through their account and other channels.

If you don’t think podcast a better option, then go for webinars or just go live on social media platforms. This will show that you are genuine and people will like to know more about you.


Online platforms are getting flooded with you new updates daily. If you want to stay ahead of all, then organic and paid ads need to follow equally.

The best way to attract an audience organically is to identify what your audience wants and provide them valuable information. Always stay updated with the current climate and deliver the solution to every possible query your audience has.