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7 Tips on Writing SEO Friendly Content in 2021

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Every year Google is getting updated and businesses are working hard to meet the requirement of Google for their business growth. There are various ways to promote your website online to improve the rankings. As per the study, limited digital marketing businesses are focusing on SEO and rest are preferring social media marketing, promotion via website and email marketing, etc. In short, everyone is trying to impress the search engine with an effective strategy. So, are you ready with the new tips to write SEO friendly content in 2020?

1. Work On User Experience

If you think that writing the content is easy and you will become an expert overnight then you need to change your thinking. SEO is not all about writing the content with stuffing keywords. In fact, SEO actually aims to satisfy the search engine’s users with effective results.

For example, if you’re searching for what is SEO? You’ll get “n” numbers of results on the first page and so on. Let’s assume that you’ve selected the first article then you need to read hard. On the other side, Google’s algorithm will take a note on whether the selected article is satisfying you or not? This will affect the rankings in a good way on the search engine.

Here, we’re talking about value! Generally, getting the visitors on the page is not a tough task but keeping them on the page is the challenging job. Further, it can be done by providing exceptional value.

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2. Write Long – Term Content

Writing a long article is always beneficial for both users and Google. Google appreciates the article with 1k word count or more. This type of article is beneficial for potential users for solving the queries. You’ll get multiple websites that are targeting 1k or more word count, for example; Search Engine Journal and more.

Google or other search engines prefer these articles to satisfy their users with quality content. As their users will get detail answer to their questions in one article immediately. Additionally, it also saves your time that you’re using to search the answer on other websites. However, writing a long piece of content is an effective way of SEO copywriting in 2021.

3. Opt for the Best Tools

Being a writer, it’s genuine that you’ll opt for some tools to make your work easy. However, using tools is not a bad choice; in fact, you get an idea about your working pattern. Similarly, you might be using other tools or if you’re looking for effective tools then check the list below and implement in your business accordingly:

Google Analytics

Google Webmaster

Keyword planner


Ahrefs’ Backlink Checker

Moz Link Explorer, etc.

4. Focus on Featured Snippet

This is the most important feature of SEO for writing SEO friendly content. If you want to rank your content on top in featured Snippet then have a look at this parameter like target ranking keywords.

After that design snippet bait – a block of the 40 – 60 words to target the featured snippet. This designed snippet is useful to deliver the factual information related to the keyword. You can consider the simple strategy to get featured in the snippet – be clear with the point and by placing the keywords in the content properly.

Additionally, adding a list or table would be beneficial for both that is for Google and your business to get a good position in the results.

5. Don’t forget Long Tail Keywords

Long tail keywords are very effective types of keyword that are useful for writing SEO friendly content. Generally, using three to four words for a ranking purpose is known as long tail keywords. These keywords have a smaller search volume based on monthly searches. This will bring your business on top in terms of ranking.

On the other side, targeting short keywords related to your business, for example; Best Web Design Company or Web Design Company are highly targeted keywords with heavy search volume. Such keywords are difficult to rank on a search engine in spite of using the best strategies. Plus, these types of keyword are reserved for big brands that have the best domain authority.

6. Backlink Quality Matters

In SEO, building backlink is the crucial aspect and it’s one of the off-page strategies that are used to increase the brand authority and ranking. There are two types of links in SEO – one is internal and second is external.

Internal links are those links that lead to relevant content linking within your website. It’s important for increasing the ranking and traffic on the website. It develops semantic relations between the pages that redirect the users to relevant results.

External links are a backlink that is used to increase the domain authority and traffic which I have explained above. Google appreciates those backlinks that are built from related niche websites with high domain authority website. Here, also you need to build two types of link tags that are Dofollow and Nofollow. Dofollow link is worth in terms of increasing the domain authority, where a Nofollow link is worth in terms of increasing the traffic.

Now, you’ll ask why this is important than the answer is very simple that these links will redirect the users from that page to your website. Therefore, it’s suggested to increase the count of quality backlinks from related websites to your websites.

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7. Concentrate on Voice Search

Voice search is trending in the market or I can say on the web? Which one you think is better? Well, it’s a part of a web that you can use it for your business promotion. You just need to give a command and you’ll get detailed information on your screen. This feature is available on both the platform – mobile and desktop for easy use.

People love to ask a question verbally instead of typing the words. Voice search is suitable for all types of business and users. More importantly, people ask about the exact requirement instead of typing long queries.

So, concentrating on voice search will bring your potential customer closer to your business. You can add those questions in your content in the form of articles, FAQ’s and forums.

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Final Verdict

Writing an SEO friendly content is a tough task and you’ve to give your best to get a best. Moreover, it’s getting interesting day by day, due to the introduction of new techniques – online and offline. In the beginning, you’ll get the obstacle but working on those obstacles will help you to get a better output. So, today start working on SEO friendly content and get the best viewers for your content online.