Beginners Guide – How Does Google Search and Index Your Website Pages?

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In the world of the digital age, you get an immediate solution to your query just by googling it. Therefore, Google works hard to deliver the best content to its users. That is why you get to promote the result of your search query.

I know you must have a question that how search engine or Google manages to keep appropriate, relevant or high-quality content which is selected from millions of sources that are again available in the record of Google.

To clear all your doubts, you can check my article to know how does Google search and index your website pages.

There is a huge amount of data is available on the internet. Every day new websites or pages are getting updated or altered; this becomes a tough task to make a note of every new addition. Therefore, Google uses crawling and indexing techniques to collect data from the World Wide Web. After creating the page some information is stored in Google’s huge database. Further, indexing of page is done and delivered as an answer to the query of users.

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Let’s check in the detail in the segment of the article.

What is Crawling in SEO?

Crawling happen when Google bots visit specific website URL, it will crawl the whole page and make a copy of it to be added into the database. They will store all the data and content of the page along with images, audio and video files on the web page. Additionally, it also crawls all the pages linked with a given webpage and keeps adding those links into the repository. Therefore, internal linking should be done properly for easy crawly of the website.

Indexing indicates the process of monitoring the information and content from the crawled web pages and segregating them into various groups. Firstly, Google design and maintain an index of all web pages which it crawls and saves them into an organized database. When specific search query occurs the algorithm selects out the relevant web pages from

What is Google Indexing?

the repository and make available to the user.

Google uses a complex algorithm that continuously keeps defining the content into various categories and sorts the crawled data into an indexed database, from where it’s easier to retrieve using data mining techniques.

There are lakhs of pages available on any given topic. In such a situation, how you will get your web page on the top or increase the ranking? To overcome this, Google’s algorithm has some key features that can solidify the ranking in the Google database. You can check these mentioned features of Google algorithm such as web pages with relevant titles in the URL, meta-tags, proper page descriptions and internal linking, good score of backlinks, etc.

How Does Google Crawlers Index Your WebPages?

Crawler utilizes XML Sitemaps that are basically an outline consisting of all links of the web page. Therefore, it has become necessary to submit an XML sitemap for your website just to make sure that Googlebot is considering the vital pages. Further, unwanted pages remain un-crawled; plus, you can also include a robot.txt file in the same. This will eliminate those pages from getting crawled. However, metadata and meta tags of the page properly represent the page. This will assist the Googlebot to illustrate the page with closely connected categories.

To know the ranking of pages, it’s necessary to know the steps of checking the backlink of that particular page. A good number of backlinks that page has, the higher it will get ranked. The same is applicable for internal linking. If pages are linked together deeply then it becomes easy for web crawler to operate those pages. After crawling and saving the next step is indexing.

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The everyday new and a large number of pages is getting updated on the web, Google continuously keeps crawling and indexing of those pages. Therefore, SEO is the non-stopping and never-ending process on the web. However, good practice will bring good results to your website. It is suggested to submit the sitemap to Google via Webmaster tool.

If you’re writing quality content then it’s necessary to submit the same for indexing purpose. Plus, also work on other parameters of the website like speed, mobile responsive, etc.