How Web Hosting Can Affect SEO?

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Have you ever questioned your self how web hosting can affect SEO? Yes, I know you must have come across this question many times in your professional career. Most of the users are not aware of the truth that web hosting and SEO are interconnected to each other some of the other way. The web hosting is often overlooked by the website owners because they think other terms of SEO are more important to get your website on the top in search engine. You must be thinking, why I am highlighting web hosting only even though it doesn’t affect your ranking. Hence, it is one of the important factors which will keep your website live all the time. In this post, I will explain how web hosting can affect your website SEO and ranking as well.

Speed is the ranking factor

As per the Google guidelines, the website should get loaded within a period of 2 seconds. If your website loading speed is low then it might affect your ranking and traffic.  The faster your website will load the better your website will rank in the search engine. Moreover, if you follow these two techniques of SEO: On – Page and Off – Page, this might boost the performance of your website and take your website on the top in the search engine.

Data Loss = Ranking Loss

Being a website owner, you always aim to get your website on the top. What if your website gets affected by the cybercrime and all your website data gets the loss. In such a situation, your web hosting provider will take back up of your data and help to recover the same. To overcome such situation, you need to purchase back up plan from the web hosting provider. You must be thinking about which hosting provider offers the best back up tool then your answer is MilesWeb. MilesWeb, India’s best web hosting provider offers CodeGuard tool to take backup of your website. The CodeGuard will take backup of the website on the daily basis, no matter what is the size of the website. It also tracks the changes made on the website.

SSL certificate enhances the website performance

The ultimate aim of the online business is to build the trust because it is equally important to gain the user. Similarly, Google also trusts those websites that have installed SSL certificate that again helps to build the trust with the user and search engine as well. If you are running an online business, it is crucial to install SSL certificate for the secure transaction. If your website doesn’t have SSL certificate installed, it may lead to loss of potential customers and ranking will also get affected. Nowadays, Google has made compulsory for all the types of websites to install the SSL certificate. In such case, your hosting provider is responsible for the installation of the SSL certificate. If you are looking for Free SSL certificate, check MilesWeb hosting, where you will get free SSL certificate on all the plans.

Uptime matters

Every provider commits to offer maximum uptime and some might offer 100% or 99% uptime. In reality, it is hardly possible because of technical issues and server maintenance. If your website is down for a longer period of time, its time to switch your hosting provider.  Here you can consider MilesWeb, where you will get the maximum uptime of 99.95% uptime with their Tier – 3 and Tier – 4 data centers.

If your website is down, it might affect your website ranking and gives the bad user experience. In the fast-growing market, the customer looks for the immediate solution to fulfill their needs. In such a situation, if your site is not available then the customer will search for a new option.

Server location

Last but not least, the server location of the website plays an important role in SEO. You will ask how? For example, if your website is hosted on Indian server location then your website will load faster for the user who is browsing your website from that location. In such case, your hosting provider will act as the hero by providing maximum uptime and required server location. Moreover, you can ask for CDN service to enhance the website performance.

  Conclusion: –

From the above post, you must have got the idea of how the hosting provider can affect your SEO. Are you still struggling to get on top of the search engine? If yes, switch to MilesWeb hosting to experience quality service. They also help small businesses and start-ups to get online successfully. Found this article interesting? Do share in your social media networks.