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SEO Trends for 2019 That Needs To Be Followed

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Are you working as an SEO executive, running the digital marketing agency, blogger starting a new journey in content writing, etc. Then you must know the recent SEO trends to bring your website on top in search engine. SEO is essential for all types of blogs and websites that help to maintain consistency in ranking and traffic on the website. Moreover, SEO is the ultimate factor that gives long-term results to the website owner and it will never die. Therefore, in 2019 you need to know the latest SEO trends to keep your website up-to-date with the recent techniques.

#1 Featured Snippet

If you notice the search engine result page then you will come to know that competition is limitless or you can say never-ending. Plus, Adwords ads take a lot of space in commercial search queries. Based on the type of search query, shopping ads with the images, the block of four spots with the text ads are also displayed in front of the organic search results.

Moreover, the featured snippet will play an important role in 2019 also because; it will completely satisfy the user by getting the display in the first position. This displayed result come from the websites that Google finds it suitable for answering the user’s question. It would be interesting to know how Google will deal with the trustworthiness of the pages used. Additionally, Google has set the criteria as per the queries and refer data from Wikipedia too.

If you want to get featured in snippet then you should prepare strategies like writing knowledge-based questions, putting question and answer sequences in your blog section.  Try to post the table with structured information can also be the most effective way to get on top in organic search. If you have the small business website then it is suggested to follow above-mentioned tips to get on top in the search engine because Google wants the quality answer to serve their users.

2# User Experience

In SEO, user experience plays an important role because it boosts sales and traffic on the website. We don’t want boots to read our articles or browse or website, right? So, all website owners aim to optimize the website users only. You should focus on On – Page activities to take your website on top in search engine. Also focus on technical aspects like loading speed, the structure of the website and mobile optimization.

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#3 Accelerate Mobile Pages

Mobile optimization is one of the priorities for developing the new website. Google helps you to design the mobile website with the help of Accelerated Mobile Pages. It is assumed that in 2019, AMPs will gain more importance as it decreases the image size, structure and text format that is why page loads quickly.

#4 Local search geotargeting

It is the responsibility of website owner to regularly implement SEO techniques that are On- Page and Off – Page. Likewise, local SEO is equally important than what we do on the global level to bring the website on top in search engine results. It is suggested to first focus on Local SEO and for that you need to target local keywords. Try to increase the ranking of local keywords as there are 100% chances that you will get great traffic for those keywords.

#5  Content is King

Content is never ending strategy because it is has kept SEO awake. Unique writing will help search engine to deliver best answers to the query, this makes your website unique if you deliver unique on regular basis. This makes search engine notice your website for delivering the best content. It is suggested to keep up-to-date your website’s blog, FAQ and forum section to gain maximum traffic and sale.

#6 Backlink play a role

Building backlink is the ultimate aim of website owner for increasing the DA, PA and traffic of the website. In 2019, focus on websites that have higher domain authority and try to get dofollow link, if not dofollow then at least show your presence on that website. This will help people to recognize your website. Try to implement off-page strategies such as guest posting, directory submission, social bookmarking, social media marketing, video marketing, etc. In short, build maximum backlinks to increase DA and PA.

#7 Social media marketing

I know it is one of the techniques of off-page SEO but it is a very powerful technique to reach global audience immediately. The social media marketing is trending every day because you get users of all niche on the social media that gives you an open market to highlight your product in front of them. Nowadays, social media is introducing new features that give an opportunity to directly connect with the audience.

Final Verdict:

Start implementing above mentioned steps and take your website on top in 2019. The website is the backbone of business and it’s your responsibility to work on it all the time. Also, monitor the new techniques and implement it accordingly, give try to every technique and check one that works best for you.