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Top 5 Keyword Research Tools for SEO That to Be Used In 2019

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I know you must have got advice on the keywords multiple times after starting the career in SEO. In SEO keywords are the main factor that decides your position and generate leads from the search engine results. Using proper keywords will give you exact traffic of respected niche on your website. Furthermore, if you optimize your website or blog keywords then your website will rank faster.

In the same way, selecting the right keywords is also essential and tough too. You need a lot of data to know which keyword will work for your business. If you have newly started your career in SEO then these keyword research tools will help you to get the best and accurate keywords for your business.

#1 Google Keyword Planner (Free)



Google is a giant as it offers multiple services to its users. Likewise, Google Keyword Planner is one of the popular tools that are used to know the best keywords for your niche. Moreover, it is the most used keyword research tool. You need to have an Adwords account which is available at free of cost.

  • Features: It offers detailed information on Google.
  • Limitations: You can’t monitor the performance of other search engines.
  • Price: Free to use.

It is the best tool that is used at initial stages by businesses. I am also using the same for better competitive analysis.




Yet another best keyword research tool is SEMRUSH that is used by bloggers. It offers multiple services that help bloggers to know in-depth about their website. In SEMRUSH, you have to add your URL or your competitor’s URL to know the keywords that are ranking for that particular page or website. This will allow you to get short – tail and long – tail keywords that you can consider to beat your competitor’s rankings. This tool allows you get information on:

  • Traffic stats
  • Search engine reports
  • Adsense CPC
  • Other information that is needed to manage an SEO campaign.

You get 14 days free trial of SEMRUSH.

#3 Ahrefs Keyword Explorer Tool



Ahrefs stands on 3rd position in these lists and it a most popular tool as well. It provides in-depth details including keyword difficulty. Ahrefs utilizes clickstream data to know the clicks that you get from the search engine. This help user to know direct search results from the Google. Furthermore, it has great UI that makes easy for the newbie’s also to access. Due to plenty of data, you can create a list of keywords to target directly from Ahrefs dashboard. It is time-saving and you don’t need to maintain an excel sheet. You can take 7 days trial of Ahrefs for $7.

#4 SpyFu



SpyFu is best SEO optimization software products in the market. It is mostly used for analyzing the competitor’s backlinks in any niche. Moreover, it also tells you keywords position in search engine. It provides multiple features like comparing website modules, keyword history, domain history and other related keywords module. Data provided by SpyFu is on monthly basis. In terms of pricing, it offers $79 and $99 per month (discount included).

#5 KW finder



If you only want to target the keyword research tool then you can consider KW finder. This tool is newly launched in the market and they are growing rapidly. It provides you with keywords that you can use to generate high traffic. To know the exact requirement of the user, it provides long tail keywords that are better for new startups or new bloggers to get on top in search engine for those keywords. In short, it increases the conversion rate and traffic.

Final Words:

Use any tool but make sure that you are using quality tools for your business.  Using these tools, you can target best keywords, because keywords are the heart of the SEO and website as well. It is the only parameter that takes your website on top in search engine. So, it is suggested to work effectively and choose wisely.