12+ Full Proof Strategies To Promote Your Blog

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Do you like to write blogs?

A blog is considered the best way to reach out to a huge audience with the same interest. However, with the increasing use of the internet, people tend to spend more time reading data online. So, as a blogger, it is your responsibility to provide information that your audience seeks.

But, let me tell you very frankly, that not every blog gets a huge reach. Even though you write a compelling and informative blog, chances are very high that it may not get good attention from the audience.

I understand that as a blogger, you put a lot of effort into research, and writing content. Still, it may not reach your audience.

Why does this happen?

It is because your blog lacks promotion.

Writing a blog is just the first step, after that, you need to nurture it by promotions.

Blog with good promotion catches more eyes and gets a high response from the audience.

Yes, promoting your blog is your responsibility.

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Benefits of Blog Promotion 

You might say, “I have already done a lot of research and planning to write my content, then isn’t it enough to get an audience?”

Well, I agree you have done a lot of work. But, without proper promotion, that hard work goes to waste. I don’t want to demotivate you, but it’s a fact.

Let’s see what benefits do blog promotions provides :

1)Better Content Engagement –

You might already know that blogs with more engagement get a better response. When you promote your blog, people tend to read it, comment down their opinion about your blog, and if they like it then people may share it. 

2) Better Reach –

From the following two methods, which method do you think a blog will get more reach?

(1)   Blog shared on only your website.

(2)   Blog shared on your website + other platforms + shared by your connections?

Of course the 2nd method, right?

 As this method will have a large audience.

Are you ready to promote your blog?

Get started with these full-proof strategies that will definitely help in your blog promotion.

1)Social Media Channels 

Use all relevant social media platforms to promote your blog. You might already have accounts on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, etc. These platforms allow you to promote the content for free. Also, these channels have groups with people of the same interests. Promoting a blog in such groups gives a good boost.

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2) Promoting Through Emails 

Create your email list. Whenever a blog goes live on your website, make sure that you share it with your clients/readers/customers personally. This can be done by sending them a personalized email and informing them about your new blog. A good email with a catchy subject line and email format is likely to get a more open rate.

Also, if you have been gathering clients for the newsletter, then it is time to nurture those signups. Send them an email informing them about your blog. This is the best promotion idea. 

Tip: Make sure to provide the option of direct social share through emails. So, if anyone from the email list likes the content, then they will be able to share it on their social media platforms. 

3) Guest Posts

If you are just starting off your blogging journey, then a guest post is the best way for blog promotion. Guest post, might not show the instant result, but it is very helpful in the long run. 

Just adding a link to your website in the guest post won’t give great results.

Instead, provide your audience what they want and they will visit your website for sure.

For e.g., a link inside the blog performs better than an author bio link.

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4) Blog Forums

Marketers always try to provide solutions. Find forums related to your niche and participate in them. If you find any related question to your blog, then you can give a link to it in the forum.

Suppose, if anyone in the forum asks, how to promote a blog? Then, I will simply link down this article by saying, here are 15+ full proof ways to promote a blog. 

Thus, my answer in the forum is likely to get more attention over others, because people do want to know full proof or tested methods rather than trying everything. This saves your audience time and energy which they can use in other productive work.

5) Use Social Bookmarking Sites

This is by far the best way to promote your blog. Social Bookmarking Sites are always great to promote your content, but as long as those sites are really genuine. Social Bookmarking Sites like StumbleUpon, Digg, etc. are the best ones, which are used by people to discover information.

6) Visuals 

Visuals are more powerful elements of your blog. To attract people to read a long blog, you need visually attractive graphics. If your graphic is appealing, then only people will stop on it and read the further blog. 

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7) Infographics

In the above points, as we saw, visuals are more likely to get more attention, thus, it is always better to create short graphics about the whole blog. Instead of reading a long blog, people would like to read a short summary and highlights of your blog. So, creating an infographic that covers the highlights of the blog is a really smart move. You can also provide links in an infographic that will redirect to the blog on the website.

8) Optimize Blog For Searches

In addition to creating interesting helpful content, don’t forget to optimize your blog for more searches. Optimize the headline, insert keywords, and employ on-page SEO, for a blog to show up in search engine results.

Linking a blog to relevant internal pages and other influential sites enhances the performance of your blog.

9) Build A Rapport With Readers

Online promotional is helpful, yet building a good relationship with readers is mandatory. Find out a loyal readers base, and try to take feedback from them. The best way to build a relationship is by connecting other bloggers and business people to share ideas with each other.

10) Level Up LinkedIn Game

LinkedIn is no longer just a job search portal. People nowadays use it to get a business. Post your recent blog on LinkedIn and get connected with the audience. LinkedIn also has private groups to hang out with an audience of like-minded. Join such groups, participate by contributing your experience and wisdom. Help out people by solving their problems, even without expecting anything in return.

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11) Use Twitter To Promote Your Blog

Tweet at your best time. As twitter limits you for the number of characters, you can use only the headline of the blog with the featured image and redirect it to your blog on the website. Also, Twitter allows you to tweet in a post using a plugin. For every new blog, not just headlines but also create at least 6 unique tweets and schedule them as per your perfect timing. 

12) Ask Your Friends, Co-workers To Promote

Don’t feel shy to ask your colleagues, co-workers, or even friends to share your content on their social media platforms. People from a similar background would like to do it. 

13) Use Hashtags (#)

Hashtags are becoming very popular nowadays. People usually search for information using hashtags, so support your content with relevant hashtags. For example : for content promotion I will use, hashtags like #contentpromotion #contentpromotionideas #socialmedia, etc.

14) Offer Bonuses

Whenever you offer bonuses, people get to attract more easily. It also helps in nurturing them with upcoming content. For example, for a blog on “how to promote your blog”, you can offer a bonus to your readers, that says, bonus -join my free webinar lecture, where I share how I create my content and actually use promotional platforms to spike visitors on my blog. In this webinar, I share multiple examples so that you can ace your promotion strategies.

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Want to try these promotion tactics?

Don’t get confused on which technique to use first. Just start with any of the techniques but make sure that you use all of them. Tell me your views in the comments, was this blog helpful to you?