Amazing 7+ Instagram Post Ideas To Sprinkle On Your Account

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Are you struggling with finding the right content that can freshen up your Instagram account?

We have studied and found out some best and must-have post ideas for every Instagram account.

Your feed has to be aesthetic in order to gain an audience on it.

Thus, the Instagram feed is a very important part of your business. It makes every business a well-known brand.

Do you know?

Instagram has 1000 million users!!!!

Yes, it is the 6th most used social media platform.

Now, you can just imagine the audience size your business can capture just by creating a business Instagram account.

Instagram Walk Through:

Well, I think most of you might have heard and are using Instagram already. But, to others who are freshers, let me guide you all about Instagram also known as IG or Insta.

It is an American social networking platform that allows you to share images and videos on your account. Instagram is owned by Facebook which is the #1 used social media platform.

Using Instagram, you can upload images and videos that can be edited with filters. It also allows geographical tagging. You can keep the account private and public as per your choice.

Thus, if used properly, Instagram can actually increase your brand’s reputation.

So, do you want to make 100% use of Instagram, but don’t know how to do it?

Well, stay tuned, and we will spill what posts to add on Instagram account to make it more engaging.

7+Instagram Post Ideas To Sprinkle On Your Account


1.Trending Posts

The fastest way to grab people’s attention is to post something that is trending at a particular time.

Have you seen brands relate their posts with the latest trends?

It helps them to display in the most searched list for the on-going period.

Trending posts provide more visibility, upper position in the feed, and relates with the audience fast.

Grab that moment and relate your brand with the trend, or just start a trend and let others follow it.

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2.Product Posts

Your business Instagram account should depict your brand.

It is the medium, to come in front of an audience and introduce your products.

This might seem an easy task, as one might think, that all he has to do is click the picture of his products and upload to the account.

But, let me tell you, product posts are one of the difficult types of posts to publish.

You need to be very clear and creative while representing your product.

These posts have the ability to turn your viewers into customers.

Make, sure whatever you post, the message should get deliver as you want. Otherwise, people will get confused about your products and might not ever return to your account.

One wrong post can lose hundreds of interested prospects.

The best thing to do is, hire a good graphic designer and digital marketer, who can take care of your account. They are experts in handling the account and have proper knowledge of creating and representing posts.

3.How-To Posts

How-to posts are the best ones, to keep your audience engaging for the long term.

As per the name, you might think, that in this type of post you will have to show the whole procedure about how your product can be made.

But, rather I would say, in how to post, show how to use your products.

It will educate your audience about the products you are offering.

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4.Behind The Scenes Posts

People are more curious in knowing how your company works and what are your corporate cultures.

So, why not show them, what they want?

Showing your process, culture, functioning, etc. attracts people from the same interest.

It might also inspire some people and they can become your loyal customers.

5.Video Posts

Video post gets more engagement on the Instagram than any other form of posts. It provides higher engagement as people grasps videos easily than image posts.

There are various kinds of video posts, like infographic videos, explanatory videos, short trailer videos, etc. Video post is the best way to attract new followers and drive traffic to your Instagram account.


Reels are short 15-second videos.

It is the easiest way to create engaging content.

Reels are designed by keeping entertainment in mind. Reels rolled out after TikTok got banned in some countries.

People are now posting short videos, challenges, and trending content on reels.

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7.Puzzle Posts

Puzzle post helps in increasing rapport between you and your audience.

You can throw easy puzzles for the people to solve. Their comments will help in gaining their interest. This way people spend more than usual time on your post.

The idea behind the puzzle should be to pause your audience’s scrolling and tap on your post.

This is a good way to offer something that allows the audience to think and come up with some ideas.

8.Humor Posts

Humor posts are more relatable to people. Good humor can grab huge attention. You can choose any famous Netflix series and create a meme or post from it. This will add little fun to your follower’s life. Make sure, your jokes should not hurt anyone’s sentiments.

After all these post types, one thing that you need to be aware of is your competitors. Always look at what they are doing, how they are doing it, and learn from their experiences.


While creating posts, make sure you don’t copy and paste others’ content. Be original and creative in your way.