{ Earn Money From YouTube } : Effective Strategies That No One Told You Before

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We all know, that YouTube is a video sharing and Social Media platform which is owned by Google.

What is YouTube beyond a video-sharing platform?

It is also a Money Making platform.

Yes, you read it right. People are earning millions of dollars by uploading videos on YouTube.

To earn money on YouTube you don’t need any special qualifications or certificates.

As long as you have better and unique ideas, and know-how to represent them, you are good to upload your video on YouTube.

Did you know?

A nine-year-old Ryan Kaji (Ryan ToysReview) was ranked first as a top-earning YouTuber worldwide in June 2020.

His estimated earning is approximately $29.5 million. His YouTube channel Ryan’s World (formerly Ryan ToysReview) consists of videos for children aged 2-6 years. He uploads Toys reviews, personal vlogs, and unboxing videos to entertain his audience. He now has 30.6 million subscribers.

Uploading videos on YouTube is not a brainer, all you need to do is be consistent and start uploading your videos.

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Things to remember before starting YouTube journey.

After watching YouTube videos and knowing about the income of YouTubers, it may feel appealing. Many of you might think of uploading videos without any proper planning. But, it is not about all the golds and glitters, every YouTuber has struggling days. 

According to YouTube usage statistics, 500 hours of video are uploaded on YouTube every minute. That means, all of us watch 1 billion hours of YouTube videos a day, which is more than both Netflix and Facebook combined.

This gives us the idea about high competition going on in the YouTube market, so expecting your video to do wonders in a first shot can be a bit overwhelming.

  1. You may not get paid for uploading videos on YouTube for a long time.

YouTube doesn’t pay content creators for uploading a video. Also, videos are not monetized by default. To start earning money online as a content creator, you need to enable monetization in your YouTube account settings. After doing this, you get an option to join the YouTube Partners Program or get your videos listed on YouTube premium.

  1. You need to maintain your account’s credibility.

Any form of misguiding content, videos containing false remarks, etc. can get banned by YouTube. Also, YouTube has the right to ban the plagiarized content or music used in your videos. If the plagiarism continues YouTube will send you a warning and lastly may ban your account, which results in restricting you from uploading and further videos. So, make sure you read and follow all the guidelines by YouTube before uploading videos.

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How To Earn Money From YouTube?

First of all, keep in mind, that you don’t need millions of subscribers to monetize your YouTube account. The earning doesn’t depend solely on subscribers or views, but also on the engagement and your niche. If you want to sell or market your merchandise on YouTube, then first you will have to make a strong audience on the platform. You might have seen many YouTuber’s launching their brand or merch, but observe one thing here, which is they first create a large audience and then drop their merch. So, always have a clear understanding of your targeted audience.

The more you niche down your channel, the better it will perform. It also gives you the opportunities to work with brands that are targeting a specific audience.

To create a targeted audience, carefully select the :

1)Gender of your audience. It is important if you want to attract one specific group.

2) Age range of your audience.

3) Geographical location – countries and cities where you want your video to get watched.

4) Your audience’s “watch time” or as you say the overall engagement.

After uploading few videos check all these statistics by pulling out data from YouTube Analytics. 

Moving forward, let’s see various effective ways through which your YouTube channel can earn money. 

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  • Join and become the part of the YouTube Partner Program

By being a Partner with this program, your works become very easy, as it gives access to regular special features on the platform.

YouTube Partners get access to various income sources: like video ads, YouTube Premium subscription fees, and features to tap your loyal fans, channel membership, and merchandise shelf.

A) Create and start a YouTube channel 

If you already have a Gmail, Google Maps, or Google Pay then you might have a Google account, so use this account to create a YouTube channel. Using it you can automatically set up a personal YouTube account, but to use YouTube for business purposes then you will need a separate Brand Account. 

To create a Brand Account, go to YouTube Account Page, click on Create a Channel and enter a name for your Brand Account. That’s it and you’re in! 

The advantage of a Brand Account is, it gives you access to YouTube Analytics.

To join the YouTube Partner Program you must have a minimum of 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours in the previous 1 year. So, start uploading videos ASAP!

  B) Now setup the AdSense account

Just follow all the guidelines and set up your AdSense account.

Revenue Breakdowns on YouTube :

  1.  Ad revenue – to earn money from ads, your age must be above 18 years and you need to create content that is advertiser-friendly. So that more YouTube advertisers will be comfortable running ads on them, and you can earn money from it.
  2. YouTube Premium revenue – any YouTube premier user watches your video, you will get a portion of their subscription fees.
  3. Merchandise shelf – to sell your merch on YouTube’s merchandise shelf, you must be 18+ years and have at least 10,000 subscribers.
  1. Get Funding From Your Fans.

You have built a loyal fan following over a period of time. Now, it’s time to encourage them to crowdfund your channel that will help you to create new videos. Many YouTubers receive funding from their fans, which can be less than a dollar and still they create an excellent video from it.

  1. Create Promotional Content.

Advertising yourself on your channel is the best way to create money. You can give free hampers, discounts, coupon codes, or even shout-outs for lucky winners who subscribers to the channel.

  1. Collaborate With Other Brands.

Collaboration is a perfect way to earn some money from your YouTube channel. Suppose, if you are a beauty influencer, then you can collaborate with different cosmetic brands and earn from it.

  1. Consider The YouTube SEO

Like any other social media platform, YouTube also has an algorithm that tracks its user’s activities. Once, your channel is launched you can check the “Traffic Source: YouTube Search” report. This report gives you an idea of what type of content people are searching for more on YouTube and for what search they found your video.

YouTube algorithm also works on Keywords provided by Google like how to, review, tutorials, etc.

5 Important YouTube Ranking Factors To Be Consider Are :

  • The number of comments your video gets.
  • The number of subscribers each video gets.
  • Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down ratio.
  • Length of the video.

Click-through rate on the YouTube search result.

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How Much Can You Expect To Earn From YouTube?

Many YouTubers still don’t earn anything from their videos, whereas, some popular ones make a million dollars or more per year.

A rough idea will tell that from Ads revenue you can earn from $0.35 to $5 per view, or for simple assumption consider $1 per 1000 views. 

But, do not depend on AdSense and always keep more options open to earn money from YouTube.

Wrapping Up :

YouTube is a wide platform that gives everyone an affair chance to showcase their talent. It has videos related to cooking, cosmetics, and tutorials on various niches. The only way to get success in it is to be consistent and keep uploading videos regularly. Some people upload daily 1 videos, and some upload 2-3 videos in a week. The more you upload and engage with your watchers, the easier it is for a video to get viral. Don’t start a YouTube channel just to earn money, but treat it as your passion.