How to Create a Powerful LinkedIn Profile

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If I ask you which social media platform is your favorites and why? I am sure your list of social media platforms will be unstoppable. The social media has tremendously changed the lifestyle of people. Billion of people are connecting to each other through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Similarly, LinkedIn is also one of the popular platforms that have given the opportunity to the professionals to connect and build the professional relationship. In your professional career, you must have heard about LinkedIn and wanted to build the strong profile to increase the professional network. In this post, I will explain how to create a powerful LinkedIn profile to get noticed and highlighted in the crowd.


Getting a “Profile Header” is one of the effective ways to display your personal brand and get acknowledgment with billion of potential clients. However, the image is more worth and compelling than 1500 or 2000 words.

While a designing the banner, select a JPEG, PNG or GIP file of 4MB in size with the right dimension for the header that’s 1400 x 425. Also, leave some space at the bottom because the top section of your profile will get cut into the image. It is suggested not to click delete because you will not set the header back.

2. Photo:

Your LinkedIn profile is the medium of connecting with the multiple professionals. Moreover, it is a digital introduction of the profile for those who visit your profile. Due to fraudulent activity, people avoid visiting those profiles that don’t have the profile picture. Being an active user, you also don’t entertain such request that doesn’t have the profile picture. Therefore, having an up-to-date, clear and professional profile picture will help to deal with the new users and increase the trust.


Having a catchy headline is yet another crucial thing that you need to attract the users on your profile. If your headline is not catchy then it will take away your potential clients. Mentioning the title means highlighting your skills and profession. It is like the subject line of the email the shorter and simple you write, there are the chances to get the maximum open rate of the emails. Using relevant keywords in the highlight will make understand client about your expertise.

4.Website Links:

Most of the user’s mention default “Personal Website” link in their profile. It is suggested to type anchor text links to make them appealing to the people. For example, if you want to display your website links in your profile, instead of using the LinkedIn standard anchor text “Company Website”, customize it by including the keywords that specify your business and tell people what it is all about. You can display up to three website links and customize it by editing the profile, click on the pencil icon next to your website links and select “other” in the drop-down menu.

5. Summary:

As per my opinion, this is the important section in your profile because it the place where the new user gets landed after reading your headline. Moreover, you will get the engagement only when you keep all your facts and figures accurate. In short, gaining trust is the ultimate goal. To achieve this share your business joining date and many other facts. I have explained below to get the better understanding:-

  • Past: Highlight how you get into this business
  • Present: How you reach here and what you have achieved.
  • Future: What is the future of your business?

Try to mention all the key achievements, awards. career milestone and much more. In short, give the human touch to your profile.

6. Skills and Endorsements:

As I said before, highlighting your skills will make a way to your work. In 2012, LinkedIn introduced the feature called Endorsement. With the help of this feature, you can disclose your skill and expertise. Due to growing competition, consumers only like to deal with the specialist; therefore instead of listing 50 skills try to disclose your special skills. By doing this, you can make understand others that you are enough to solve their challenges and objections.

7. Optimize:

You must be aware of the optimization of the website and its importance. Same is applicable with your LinkedIn profile. There are 5 key areas within your profile where including the keywords would be beneficial in order to get ranked in the search results when your targeted market is looking for your product or service. You will get the notification when your profile will get searched in the search result.

  • The title, current and past experience
  • Website URL
  • Summary
  • Skills and endorsements

8. Layout:

LinkedIn provides the feature called “reorder” the sections of the profile as per your need. You can follow the below-mentioned structure for most engaging and compelling layout.

  • Summary
  • Skills and endorsements
  • Experiences
  • Volunteer
  • Honors and awards
  • Publications
  • Additional information
  • Recommendation
  • Groups

While editing, just moves your mouse over the double-sided arrow near Edit link for each section. After that, your mouse will turn into a four-arrowed icon, where you can reorder the position on your profile.

9. Groups:

Social media not only help people to connect with each other but also offer various other benefits. Joining groups related to your business will help to expand your business. Group members will entertain you because they know what they want and you are selling the same. Participating in such groups will build and increase the visibility, credibility and involvement within your industry. You can join 50 groups but make sure you are joining the best and result oriented groups.

10. Blog:

The blog is the best element that only LinkedIn offers. Last year, LinkedIn reached over 1-year million posts. LinkedIn is famous for content marketing and you get the option to publish the article in your profile. Publishing article on LinkedIn is the best way to reach the audience and generate new leads. This platform assures to match the blog’s topic with the users who share the interest to read and share further. Publishing short articles and posts will put you in the newsfeed of your connections. This will keep your business on top in the targeted market.

Final Verdict:

Maintaining the powerful LinkedIn profile is crucial to get success. You are promoting yourself in the online world to the potential clients. From the above mention pointers, you can easily create a compelling LinkedIn profile. The only thing you have to remember is being up to date throughout your career.