How To Use Quora For Branding Your Business?

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You must be using social media platforms to promote your business, right? But if I ask you which platform you are using to promote your business, you will take many names and some of them are common like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. But have you come across the most trending platform that is grabbing the ranking attention on the search engine? In case, you are not aware then it’s time to focus on “Quora”, because Quora has become one of the most used platforms in social media. In this post, I will highlight how you can use Quora for branding your business successfully.

#1: Complete your profile to increase visibility:

Quora has given plenty of opportunities to users for self – promotion and spam, as there are several factors that you need to consider for setting up your presence. You get tremendous exposure by displaying your bio in every answer that you post on Quora. On the other side, you can also add clickable links to the bio and your bio should be catchy and professional for superior branding.

But make sure, your intro is not going beyond the first 50 characters of your whole tagline (that is your name and bio) above the answer you post. Highlight your brand name as close to the beginning and make it visible within a limit of 50 characters. This is because users see the tagline when they follow you.

Fill your Quora account completely by adding a well – written detailed about me, areas of expertise, interests, location, education and other necessary information. The most important task is to verify your Quora account.

#2: Understand your company topic:

Quora is structured by topic and you will get multiple topics in the searches that are ranking by major keywords. Sometimes, you will see the brand name as a topic, for example, I have also created the topic of my blog name “bloggerekta” on Quora.

Quora is similar to Wikipedia because you can edit and create the pages. This gives the opportunity to the users like new startups to create own company page in the about page. If you didn’t get the same then you can develop the topic. Moreover, for developing the company presence, you can ask others to review your topic and you can also add your topic in any answer.

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#3: Build your following:

After setting up your Quora account examine the content and read several questions and answers, follow the person who actively participates and upvotes their answers.

The upvoted answers appear in public and notifications, this is the better way to showcase that your account is active even though it is new. This can increase the followers too.

#4: Use Quora for research and brainstorming:

Quora is the best platform to learn and invent something related to your business. You can openly ask any question related to your business in your respected niche topics. You get feedback or opinion on those questions related to your business or you can post the question and answer as a suggestion or tip from your account. This is the one way to initiate a communication between you and your customers.

#5: Share your Quora expertise on other social media network:

Quora permits you to auto-share your answer on different social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, LinkendIn, Tumblr and You can do settings to connect on your social media accounts. However, sharing the answers on other sites will help you to share your expertise on other platforms too.

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#6: Study the stats to know the right way:

Quora provides free analytics that helps you to analyze the content. With the help of this feature, you can find the most popular content in terms of clicks and study the best techniques that give out the best results.

Final Words:

At last, I can say that Quora is the best platform once you make the fully professional profile and participate in the genuine discussion. So don’t wait too long and start exploring on Quora.