Top 10 Questions To Ask Your Web Host before You Signup

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Being a buyer, it is very difficult to choose a web hosting company amongst millions of web hosting providers. If you have gone through a bad experience, it ultimately leads to switch to a new host. For easy decision making, here are some major questions which a buyer should ask their web provider. The questions are as follow:

From How Long the Web Hosting Provider is in Business?

Most of the web hosting providers have their website and in that “ABOUT US” section will help you to understand about the company like how long they are into web hosting business. You can also find a couple of review sites where their existing customers might have shared their experiences. You can also check the forum reviews and get started with the company that counts worth.

How Many Years of Experience Does Their Team Have?

There are many market leaders, followers, challengers and beginners. Each one of them has their own speciality even though they are providing the same service, but at the end, “QUALITY” matters. If in case you find a new company, give them a chance because they may have gained experience, but make sure you cross-check their market status and their existing customer reviews before choosing them.

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Is Their Technical Department Available 24/7?

While choosing a web hosting provider, it is very important to check if they have strong technical support or not. You never know when you will need them. Also, check the modes of contacting them.

How You Handle Your Website Security?

Once you sign up, it’s your responsibility to get basic security features such as SSL certificate and SpamExperts for better protection.

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How Many Websites are Hosted on Each Server?

In many cases, (while using shared hosting) many web hosting providers use single sever to host countless sites and it leads to face downtime for many. So, it’ necessary to get the proper information on the server type and the number of websites hosted. Finalize the web hosting provider who is good at maintaining the number of hosted websites on a single server for better uptime guarantee.

How Frequently the Website Backup is Taken?

The website data is very important and should be well secured. The web hosting provider you choose should have a proper backup facility (at least once in three days). Nowadays, many web hosting provider offers daily backup feature included in the plan. So, monitor feature before buying the plan.

Do They Offer a Money-Back Guarantee?

Loyalty is an important part of the company towards its customer and vice versa. First of all, it is their responsibility of web hosting provider to give the best service as per commitment, but if they fail to do so, they should refund the money as soon as possible (if you ask). Plus, make sure that you’re following their terms and conditions before asking for the refund.

How do They Manage Website Downtime?

If a company is giving 100% assurance of visibility of website then it indicates their uptime is superior. If you experience downtime frequently then their commitment is of no use. In such a case, you should know how that web hosting provider will get the issue fixed. Else, you can think of changing the web hosting provider later but make sure you’re getting a maximum uptime of 99.95% or 99.9%.

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How Many Email Accounts Can be Created?

Very often, when you as a buyer starts growing, you hire more employees and here comes the need of creating E-mail accounts under your own domain. It is necessary to ask whether they are allowing to create unlimited emails or having a specific number of emails.  

What Makes Them Best?

What makes them best is something that you should ask the web hosting provider before choosing them. Ask them about their customer support, data centre location, uptime records, certifications, 24/7 availability, pricing and all other things that come to your mind. Also, check their pre-sale service or try a free demo of their service for a particular period of time.

Final Words

Make sure you have proper and satisfactory answers for all the questions you asked. If the answer does not convince you, see what their existing customers are talking about them.