Why Changes On My WordPress Website are not displayed?

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WordPress is the most used CMS worldwide because of its popularity but on the other side, it also has some issues that you may find it tough to solve it. Being a website owner, you must be changing your theme, installing the new plugin, updating content, etc.  But what if you have made the changes and it is not getting displayed? Then what will be the solution?

Don’t get panic! Check this post and follow the steps to clear this issue.

In case, your changes are not getting displayed then this might be due to the cache functionality.

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You required clearing your WordPress website cache in order to view the changes. WordPress cache is located in a folder:/wp-content/cache/

You have to delete the content of cache/ folder and can do the same through FTP or through File Manager in cPanel.

After doing the same, the next step is to clear the cache of your web browser and operate your WordPress website again.