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It’s good to know that you have landed on BloggerEkta. So, it’s time to learn about Bloggerekta in depth!

How did Bloggerekta come into existence?

In my working journey, I got the task of registering a domain name and starting with a blog. With the help of the MilesWeb team, I set up my blog and started with a writing content.

Ekta is a blogger!

Yes, I started my journey in 2016 with a renounced web hosting provider called “MilesWeb” as a Digital Marketing Executive. Since then I never looked back!

I worked in MilesWeb till 2019, and later I took a break of 3 years due to family planning and became a mother of two daughters!

Again, I started my career with a popular web hosting company called “Hostripples” a suppository of Sarps Technologies based in the US as a Sr.Digital Marketing Executive.

Why Content Writing?

Content is king, but only if it’s the right kind.

In the world of digital marketing, crafting compelling content can make or break the strategy. That’s why I am diving into the nitty-gritty of SEO-friendly copy and web hosting basics, IT skills sharp with the latest articles on bloggerekta.

In short, BloggerEkta is all about creating awareness and knowledge sharing on topics like SEO, Digital Marketing, Web Hosting, Content marketing, etc.

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Who is Ekta?

This is me! Follow me on social media platforms and stay in touch.