7 Profitable Blog Niches Must Try In 2022

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The new trend of Work From Home has given an opportunity for bloggers to focus on their blogs.

Many of them now, have started blogging as their full-time business. Once, you get the idea of how to make money from blogging, then there’s no stopping.

Starting a blog and growing it into a business might look like a painful process, but if done right and consistently, we can achieve great success.

You get the liberty of working from your own comfort place like a house, beach, restaurant, etc. The work doesn’t feel pressurized and is not bound to any specific working hours.

So, if you want to be your own boss, then starting a blog is your go-to option.

Things to remember before starting a blogging journey :

–         It requires persistence and hard work.

Of course you have the liberty to work in your pajamas, but, you also need to do the work daily.

–         Working hours are flexible, but you should be ready to invest most of your time in it.

Treat it as your only source of bread and butter.

–         Blogging doesn’t guarantee immediate success. But, continuous work, will definitely yield success.

Are you ready to start the blogging journey and make it a hugely successful business?

Then, the first step is to select the right niche that can be helpful for you to grow. I am here to make your research work easy.

In this article, we will discuss the Top 7 Best Profitable Niches to try in 2022.

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1)Food –

No matter what demographic you belong to, the love for food is unconditional everywhere.

There’s a huge chance that you have visited plenty of food blogs before trying something new.

Even, when you visit any new place, you might tend to search for famous and most loved cuisines from that locality.

This is a great way to start a blog by just adding your recipes and what amazing dishes you have tried. This niche might look saturated by your uniqueness will always get noticed. Your creativity can help you to monetize the blog.

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2) Digital Marketing –

When the world is going digitalized, there’s a huge market open for Digital Marketing. Every small, medium or large business nowadays depends on digital platforms for the marketing of their business.

Door-to-door marketing was a thing, but now Digital Marketing is in very demand.

Digital Marketing has different aspects like SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SMM (Social Media Marketing), Email Marketing, Content Marketing, etc.

There is no need to ace all these branches of digital marketing. You can literally master one and start earning from it.

People are making good content on their blogs just to educate people about the importance of digital marketing. Once, you narrow down your blog, interested people will automatically get attracted to it. A Digital Marketing blog is soon going to be a multimillion business.

3) Health & Fitness

People have become very fitness conscious. Even youngsters now understand the importance of a healthy diet and fitness in their life. Online fitness classes have grown in popularity during the pandemic, as people only had the option to work out from home. The sitting job makes your body stiff and thus, people like to work out at home even after working hours. 

 If you are from a health profession, then take the advantage of it, by starting your own fitness blog. The fitness blog can have various forms of content like workout videos, small training videos, highlights of 1-1 sessions, etc.

This niche has plenty of opportunities to make money. It also allows you to work with brands to promote their fitness products or gym wear. The scope is huge, you just have to grab the opportunity.

4) Travel

With COVID 19, the travel niche got declined.

But, slowly the world is getting back to normal and people have started travelling.

Solo travel blogs travel in minimum budgets are getting famous. In the travel niche also, you have a lot of scopes to try new things like guiding people on how to take extra care of their health while travelling or any such thing.

Travel blogs are becoming very famous and now people are ready to explore new places.

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5) Money Management

People are now aware of the importance of saving money that can be used in difficult times. Many youngsters now invest in mutual funds, SIPs, etc. just to save a small amount of their income.

If you are good at accounts and finances, then you can take the advantage of your knowledge. Guide and help people, to choose the right option for investing their money. 

  Make their life easy and they will be forever grateful to you.

6) Personal Development

Personal Development has become a popular trend in the last few years. It teaches people how to focus on their growth by focusing on good mental health. Once, well-being is the most important factor or once growth.

In personal development, a wellness coach or counsellor teaches you how to make your life more meaningful. Right from morning routine, to stress management, and journaling, everything is covered in the personal development program.

7) Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is the best way to make money online. In affiliate marketing, you don’t need any product or service but all you have to do is sell someone else’s products or services. It is a commission base earning. For every purchase made through you, the company pays you a commission. Affiliate Marketing is really a less hectic job to do. All you have to do is grow your blog and start earning from it.

How to pick a Niche?

Picking a niche is actually a really easy step but still many people find it confusing in the beginning.

Basically, you can choose a niche as per your interest. See, what kind of niche excites you to work. Even if you are an IT employee, but a big-time foodie, then you can try the food niche. This interest is very subjective and always remember that you are ready to provide helpful information to your audience. If there’s any other niche that you think works for you and is not mentioned here, then choose what is suitable for you.

 All the best with your blogging journey.